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What You Get
1. Your property listed in your local MLS
2. Your property advertised on it's own page at our Web site (with up to 4 photos) and at REALTOR.COM
3. Attractive yard sign featuring your telephone number & the Web address of your property's web page (unless your deed restrictions prohibit signs)

eg. www.AmStarRealty.com/200hous.htm
IDEA: Include the web address of your property in all other ads you may place. (eg. newspaper ads, neighborhood bulletin boards, etc.)
4. "Take One" box for your sign
5. Fifty property fliers or postcards featuring text and photos of your property

If you find the buyer you owe no additional fee!
If you find the buyer and want us to assist in pre-qualifying the buyer, assist with getting financing for the buyer, negotiate the contract, handle the paperwork, and take the transaction through settlement, you agree to pay us 1% of the sale price.**
In addition, if another real estate company finds the buyer you agree to pay them 2% of the sale price.**


To request more information go to our contact us page, or, call AmStar now at 727.304.6095.

** Fees may vary, depending on sale price. Call for details.

Call for availability of this program in your Florida county.

List my house, home, townhouse, town home, or condo in the MLS for a flat fee.

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