How much paint do I need?

How many cans of paint do I need to paint interior or exterior walls, doors, ceilings, while decorating, remodeling, or renovating kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms. Coordinate colors with draperies, blinds, carpeting, flooring, trim, and roofing.


Wall 1 Width: ft.
Wall 1 Height: ft.
Wall 2 Width: ft.
Wall 2 Height: ft.
Wall 3 Width: ft.
Wall 3 Height: ft.
Wall 4 Width: ft.
Wall 4 Height: ft.


Door 1 Width: ft.
Door 1 Height: ft.
Door 2 Width: ft.
Door 2 Height: ft.


Window 1 Width: ft.
Window 1 Height: ft.
Window 2 Width: ft.
Window 2 Height: ft.

Area covered by one can of paint

Can covers: sq. ft.

Calculated Area

Wall 1 Area: sq. ft.
Wall 2 Area: sq. ft.
Wall 3 Area: sq. ft.
Wall 4 Area: sq. ft.

Total Area without windows and doors substituted
Total Area: sq. ft.

Total Area with windows and doors substituted
Total Area: sq. ft.

How many cans of paint will be needed.
Number of cans:

Will you be painting over old paint? To find out if you need latex or oil-based paint do this. Clean a small area with a detergent mixed with warm water. Rinse and towel dry. Soak a cotton ball, or soft rag in alcohol and rub it over the area. If some paint comes off, it's latex. If it's latex you may repaint it with latex paint. If the paint doesn't come off it's oil-based and you need to pre-coat it with an oil-based between coats primer. Then you may use latex or oil-based paint for the finish coat. Before you start your project you may want to discuss painting with the paint expert at your local paint store. Ask about using a between coats primer or liquid sandpaper.

If you paint latex over oil paint without a between coats primer you can expect the new paint to peal off all over the place within a matter of weeks!

To test if the paint on the walls is oil (alkyd) some stores carry inexpensive test kits, or you can use methyl hydrate (gas line anti-freeze) or non acetone based nail polish remover.

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